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Self Diagnostics

As soon as AC power is applied to the fixture, the unit will automatically initiate a self-test and self-diagnostic test as follows:
1. Verifies battery connection, checks for charger board failure, lamp failure and transformer failure every 5-seconds.
2. 1-minute self-test every 30 days
3. 30-minute self-test on the 6th month of the year after installation
4. 90-minute self-test on the 12th month of the year after installation
5. Factory pre-set functions – does not require field adjustment
Note: The internal clock resets every time AC power fails or test switch is depressed.

Dual color LED lamp
Steady GREEN = Unit is Ready
Flashing GREEN = Test in Process
Flashing RED = Service Alert
1 flash w/ 4-second pause = Battery is not connected
2 flashes w/ 4-second pause = Battery is shorted or battery voltage has dropped below acceptable value
3 flashes w/ 4-second pause = Charger board circuit fault
4 flashes w/ 4-second pause = Transformer fault
5 flashes w/ 4-second pause = Emergency lamp fault
6 flashes w/ 4-second pause = Remote head lamp fault
(If fixture has remote capability)
7 flashes w/ 4-second pause = LED board fault (for Exit Signs only)

1-minute load test = depress test switch one time within 2-seconds
5-minute load test = depress test switch two times within 2-seconds
30-minute load test = depress test switch three times within 2-seconds
90-minute load test = depress test switch four times within 2-seconds
Note: Pressing the test switch at any time during the test cycle will return the unit to normal operating status.

Reach out to a Big Beam representative for assistance on choosing a Self-Diagnostic system.