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Emergency Light Photometric Data

Emergency light photometric data is important in determining the proper illumination levels. In a layout of any such system, it is important to note the effect of voltage loss on any illumination source.

In the following example, a 25-watt sealed beam lamp is shown under three conditions:

(1) Bulb Design Voltage;

(2) Nominal System Voltage; and

(3) End of Code Voltage.

1. Bulb Design Voltage: 6.4V

2. Nominal System Voltage: 6.0V

3. End of Code Voltage: 5.25V

20 Watt Halogen, Lamp #H7554 25 Watt, Lamp #4510

PAR-36 Sealed Beam Lamps

8 Watt, Lamp #7613

8 Watt Halogen, Lamp #H7551

12 Watt Halogen, Lamp #H7553

18 Watt, Lamp #4014

High Intensity Tungsten Lamps

6 Watt, Lamp #939