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Terms & Conditions

Minimum Orders: The minimum charge for any single shipment is $100.00 (product orders) or $50.00 (parts orders) net invoice value.

Terms: Invoice payment terms are 1% 10 days, net 30 days from date of invoice. Cash discount only applies on products or merchandise. A service fee of 1.5% per month will be applied on all balances over 30 days.

Transportation Allowance: All shipments are F.O.B. shipping point. Minimum transportation is prepaid and allowed on UPS package type shipments having a net invoice value of $1,600.00 for steel made fixtures and other special order fixtures in IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, OH, WI (some plastic fixtures that are special order may apply). For all other states, Minimum transportation is prepaid and allowed on UPS package type shipments having a net invoice value of $2000.00 for steel fixtures and other special order fixtures (some plastic fixtures that are special order may apply). Minimum transportation is prepaid and allowed on UPS package type shipments having a net invoice value of $500.00 for popular commodity plastic fixtures, in all 48 contiguous states. Battery type shipments having a net invoice value of $3,300.00 are within the free delivery zone of the 48 contiguous United States. Transportation charges will be prepaid and allowed via the least expensive way. For truck delivery, it is $4,000 minimum transportation prepaid. For truck shipments going to Power Plants, there may be a $45 wait charge. Freight allowance includes standard freight charges only. Accessorial charges including, but not limited to, calling before delivery, delivery to a construction site, inside delivery, or redelivery will be the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping weights are calculated but are not guaranteed.

Taxes: Prices do not include sales or similar tax. All orders are subject to the addition of any local, state, or federal sales or similar tax if and when imposed.

Special Packaging: Any special packaging must be covered by written quotation from the factory.

Custom Made Material: For parts made to the customer’s specifications, the factory reserves the option to ship as a single shipment and the option to ship within 90 days from the receipt of a purchase order. A non-refundable payment of 50% of the net order value may be required on orders for custom made material.

Acceptance of Orders: Buyer’s offer to buy, based on the factory’s quotation or proposal, shall be subject to the acceptance of the factory. Should the buyer’s order include changes or additions to specification which are not included in the factory’s quotation or proposal, acceptance and acknowledgment of the order by the factory shall not be deemed a waiver of the factory’s right to make additional charges for such changes or additions. In addition, the factory shall, in event of changes or additions to specifications made after receipt of an order make whatever charges are necessitated. All quotations and bids and the acceptance of all contracts and orders are subject to final approval by the factory in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Cancellations: Orders cannot be canceled, nor delivery extended beyond original shipping date indicated or promised without the written consent of the factory and upon terms which will indemnify the factory against all losses.

Claims: Claims for errors or shortages on shipment must be made within 7 days after receipt of materials. Delivery tickets must indicate any shipping discrepancies as carriers are responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit.

Returns: Prior written authorization, instructions, and conditions must be obtained before the return of any factory material. Requests for return authorizations must include the reason for the request, quantity, model number(s) [where applicable], invoice number and invoice date. Only material shipped to the distributor’s stock and billed within the preceding 12 calendar months of currently stocked standard production items in the original unopened shipping cartons will be considered for return. Dry cell batteries and bulbs are not accepted for return. There is a 35% inspection, test, and re-packaging charge applied to all returned material. There is a $65.00 minimum service charge for all non-warranted repair work.

Shipping Schedule: The factory reserves the right to ship all purchased material within ninety (90) days unless firm shipping schedules are advised with receipt of orders or written approval of delayed shipment has been authorized by the factory.

Delayed Shipments: The seller shall be excused for any delay in performance due to acts of God, war, riot, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, flood, accidents, quarantine restrictions, mill conditions, strikes, differences with workmen, delays in transportation, shortages of cars, fuel, labor or materials, or any cause beyond the reasonable control of the seller.

Warranty: Return material will not be accepted without prior written factory authorization. Except for dry cell batteries and bulbs, which are not warranted, products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials according to the terms and conditions of the current catalog edition. The furnishing of parts shall constitute fulfillment of the factory’s obligations and liabilities in compliance with the warranties. Repair or re-work of material or equipment beyond the warranty period will be on a quoted basis. Repair of replacement of material or equipment in the warranty period will be at the factory’s discretion.

Dimensions: Modifications are continuously being incorporated into products for their improvement; therefore, catalogued dimensions or illustrations not vital to the proper functioning of the product may be altered. The factory assumes no liability for deviations from cataloged dimensions or illustrations. Dimensional information may be furnished by the factory upon written request.

Patterns and Tools: Charges for special patterns and tools do not convey the right to remove them from the factory. We reserve the right to scrap any patterns or tools, without further notice, when no reorder is made for a period of two (2) years.

Patents: The factory accepts the responsibility for any infringement of U.S. patents on products made to its designs and specifications. Buyer accepts this responsibility on products made to design specifications which buyer supplies. The parties must notify each other promptly of any infringement suit brought against the other party and the responsible party may settle or defend the suit as he sees fit.